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Living Independently Blog

Masterpiece Focus for June: Your Physical Health

As a key pillar of Envisage’s Masterpiece program, physical health is critical to overall well-being. This summer is the ideal time to embrace the warm weather with opportunities for greater physical fitness and a nutritious diet. We encourage you to enhance your personal wellness and take your baseline of physical health a step further by setting goals based on what’s important to you and tracking your progress.

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What Song Boosts Your Brainpower?

Turn up the tunes to tune up your mind

Whether you’re keen to perform or just humming along, the power of music – no matter the genre -- has a profound effect on your mental health. Science has proven what art has intoned since the dawn of civilization: that music delivers joy, comfort and social connection. But a recent study also suggests that making melodies with others may help our immune system even while affecting a dozen or so key brain functions.

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Peace of Mind and a Sense of Security

Hear from Envisage member — Koyna Sood

According to Envisage member Koyna Sood, the relationship that she developed with her Envisage Personal Care & Wellness Coordinator, Debbie Rudoy, quickly blossomed into a friendship that boosted her emotional well-being, in addition to addressing her physical comfort during recovery from foot surgery.

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How to Develop a Healthier Mind in Your Later Years

We all strive to be better people as we get older. What’s your adult development plan?

We all want to be better people in our later years. Life would be much less satisfying if we didn’t strive to improve our relationships between family, friends and coworkers. But here’s an interesting question: Have you ever tried to be a better adult?

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Living Masterfully and With Intention.

Powered by Masterpiece. Delivered by Envisage.

Envisage prides itself on being a wellness and lifestyle leader that supports the well-being of older adults. With that in mind, Envisage is pleased to be the first program of its kind to offer Masterpiece (formerly known as Masterpiece Living) as a membership benefit.

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