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Start Planning Your Long-Term Care in 5 Easy Steps

The Benefits of Envisage Long-Term Care Coverage Really Add Up

Are you aware of what could happen if you don’t plan ahead for long-term care coverage? From a financial, emotional and convenience perspective, the advantages to planning ahead for long-term care coverage really add up.

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Three Key Differences Between Envisage & Long-Term Care Insurance

Understand how Envisage helps you to fill in the gaps in long-term insurance coverage.

You may already be familiar with long-term care insurance, which is an insurance policy that helps to reimburse long-term care expenses. While these policies have traditionally been the only means to successfully managing the aging process, membership programs like Envisage are giving them a run for their money and helping seniors to fill in the gaps that long-term insurance doesn’t cover. Let’s explore a few of the drawbacks of long-term insurance coverage.

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The Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Envisage

Join Dr. Bryce Palchick, Medical Director of Envisage, Joan Krueger, Executive Director of Envisage, Bill Hull, Envisage Advisor and Anna, one of our Personal Wellness & Care Coordinators for this 25-minute video to learn why considering joining Envisage is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your long-term plan. They will share facts, data and stories, while discussing subjects like:

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There's No Place Like the Home You Love

There are many things that could prevent you from achieving your goal of aging in the place you call home. However, there are also many resources available to you, for free and at a cost, that can help counteract any speed bumps you find along the way. Help your aging journey continue as smoothly as possible by learning what resources you can take advantage of if and when you need them for things like:

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Get the Facts About Long-Term Care

We dug through the facts about long-term care to help give you a deeper understanding of what you should be thinking about now to prepare for any eventualities that may happen as you age. Gain a better awareness about everything from how much long-term care you can expect needing to how this care could affect your family and friends. Prepare now for the future by understanding facts about:

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