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Know Your Way Around Care: Medicare vs. Long-Term Care

Why Medicare is not intended as a long-term care coverage plan.

With all of the concerns and details that arise during the aging process, it’s easy to be confused about the difference between Medicare and long-term care. The confusion likely stems from the services that Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, will cover. Two of those are inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and home health care, common settings for long-term care.

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Successful Aging: Why Our Lifestyle Choices Matter So Much

Incorporate the four foundations to maximize your human potential and age successfully.

At Envisage, we’re proud of our partnership with Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group that works with more than 80 organizations nationwide to maximize the potential of older adults. In the 1980s, the MacArthur Foundation commissioned a study to understand why some seniors age more successfully than others, and Masterpiece Living began conducting applied research to support their theories.

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5 Ways to a Brain that Defies the Norm

New Study Finds that Superagers' Cognitive Function is Equivalent to that of  Young People

You’ve likely heard of superfoods and supertasters, but what about ‘superagers’?

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Watch Now: How Envisage Members Benefit from the Resources that Masterpiece Living Offers

In this 25-minute video, you’ll hear from Joan Krueger, executive director of Envisage, and Bobbi Jo Haden, vice president of retirement services at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network, about Masterpiece Living, a multi-specialty group that partners with more than 80 organizations nationwide to maximize the potential of older adults. This webinar will help you understand how Envisage accesses research and tools that provide opportunities for each of its members.

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Start Planning Your Long-Term Care in 5 Easy Steps

The Benefits of Envisage Long-Term Care Coverage Really Add Up

Are you aware of what could happen if you don’t plan ahead for long-term care coverage? From a financial, emotional and convenience perspective, the advantages to planning ahead for long-term care coverage really add up.

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