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2 Healthy Recipes To Keep You Cozy This Winter

From breakfast to dinner, keep your body nourished and your belly happy

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Three Ways to Live Your Best Life in 2022

Stay Mentally, Physically and Socially Fit With These Easy Ideas

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Still Searching for the Wonder Drug for Healthy Aging?

Exercise is the clear winner when taken daily.

Predictions and calculations on human longevity continue to fascinate scientists, statisticians and everyday seniors alike. Consider that the maximum human life expectancy has increased by about 35 years since the mid-1880s. While that trend can be explained by fewer early and midlife deaths, some experts do find it likely that someone will set a record for human longevity by the end of this century.

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The Link Between Meditation and a Healthy Heart, Mind and Body

How tapping into your mental well-being affects the aging process

Short of arresting Father Time or unearthing the Fountain of Youth, there is no way to prevent aging. However, studies have found that incorporating certain lifestyle changes can slow the aging process significantly. While diet and exercise play a key role, tapping into your mental well-being can be surprisingly effective, as are other mind-body connections.

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Know Your Way Around Care: Medicare vs. Long-Term Care

Why Medicare is not intended as a long-term care coverage plan.

With all of the concerns and details that arise during the aging process, it’s easy to be confused about the difference between Medicare and long-term care. The confusion likely stems from the services that Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, will cover. Two of those are inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and home health care, common settings for long-term care.

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