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What is Niksen?: 3 Benefits of the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing

Something that feels a lot like doing nothing can be so transcendent that it has the power to bring creativity to the surface, boost productivity and help to decrease anxiety.

Just ask the Dutch, who call this intentional nothingness “niksen,” and just so happen to be among the happiest people on Earth.

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The Latest Focus from Masterpiece: Your Social Health

As a key pillar of the Envisage® Masterpiece program, social health is critical to overall well-being. The upcoming fall season – that ideal sweet spot when many have returned from extended summer vacations but have yet to get caught up in holiday preparations – is the perfect time to reconnect with familiar acquaintances and forge new friendships.

Our social networks are important to us throughout our lives, but they become even more crucial as we age. Older adults who are socially connected enjoy greater health and well-being, and they often live longer than those who are isolated.

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Staying Safe: How to Avoid Scams Targeting Older Adults

As more facets of our lives go online, it’s even more important to beef up our personal cybersecurity detail. According to the FBI, U.S. senior citizens lost nearly $1 billion in scams in 2020, with a total of 105,301 people over the age of 65 victimized.

Although older adults may be more vulnerable to financial scams than the rest of the population, it is possible to guard your finances from fraud if you have the right information. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) identified the following top 10 scams for you to be aware of – as well as steps you can take to protect yourself:

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Fact Vs. Myth: Will Medicare Cover My Long-Term Needs?

One of the biggest senior care misconceptions that the industry just can’t seem to shake is the idea that Medicare covers long-term care. According to a Bankers Life study, 56% of middle-income Baby Boomers believe that Medicare will pay for their ongoing long-term care. Often called custodial care, long-term care is a range of services and support to meet health or personal care needs over an extended period of time. This is non-medical care that non-licensed caregivers provide.

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The Mature Traveler: Tour Operators Cater to Older Adults

With a lifetime of travel experience behind you, you’ve surely learned a trick or two about what makes a trip run smoothly. While older adults planning getaways have the same lifespan in common as their later-year peers, travel organizations recognize that this demographic is extremely diverse in terms of interests, budgets, values, habits and abilities. Your years of history -- in varying careers, hometowns, experiences and beliefs -- have taken you in many different directions; your needs and wants while traveling should reflect that.

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